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 ‘Your goals are the place where you will see the greatest need for training and education because when you create great goals, you are challenging yourself and requiring yourself to grow’ 

I have the best job!

 As a qualified BSc Nutritionist and Personal Trainer since 2011, I’ve been transforming my clients into happier, healthier, fitter versions of themselves. Its time for me to help you.


Let Your Health Become My Mission

My name is Amy and I am a qualified BSc nutritionist, online coach and personal trainer. I am passionate about being more than just a coach. I believe its about supporting not just your goals but also your mindset towards making a change for life. I support you with your health and fitness goals, both inside and outside the gym in all areas of your life including: routine, habits and day to day struggles and stresses that can sometimes hold you back or cause a lack of motivation. I have a lot of knowledge and experience that I want to give back. I therefore thrive on being more than just a trainer, but a coach who understands all aspects of your life will affect your goals and therefore as a team we will work on improving all of the above.




I work with you closely to provide professional and sustainable nutrition and exercise programs designed to help you reach and maintain your health and fitness goals. I am passionate about plans being balanced and individualised to your goals. Below are some of my services which will be tailored to you and your current goals and lifestyle:


Online coaching is a popular and successful method of coaching if done correctly and I believe that it is more than just sending someone a diet and training plan. Whether it’s losing weight, building muscle, getting fitter or improving your mindset and motivation; my online coaching will improve both your physical and mental well being. You’ll achieve your goals through this very personal service.

Online coaching includes the following :

A diet, lifestyle & training analysis sent prior to working together

A full diet & training plan according to your goals and lifestyle  

Mindset and motivation coaching 

24 hour WhatsApp support 

1x monthly phone call 


My Face To Face coaching is more than just a 60 minute PT session. Having an effective learning plan is so important for personal growth. Not only will it help you boost your performance and achieve your goals, but it is vital for your confidence. I see so many people holding back because of a lack of understanding and confidence and this was once me, therefore it is something I am very enthusiastic about changing and can really help you change. During my Face To Face coaching we will look at improving your knowledge and skills in every area of your life, including training, mindset, habits, routine and motivation.

Face To Face coaching includes:

A diet, lifestyle & training analysis sent prior to working together

A weekly or fortnightly 60 minute personal training session with a 15 minute debrief 

A full diet & training plan according to your goals and lifestyle 

A weekly or fortnightly check in via WhatsApp between sessions which will include updated diet and training plans when needed  

24 hour WhatsApp support 


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Real Experiences, Stunning Results

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I started working with Amy in 2017 as I wanted a focus with my training. I had always been 'into' the gym but did mainly cardio classes and didn't go into the machines and weights room ever. I also didn't have a clue about nutrition. It started with me just having a weekly PT session. She was more than just a PT she completely changed my way of life and motivated me in more ways than just my fitness and asthetics. Her own dedication, motivation, work ethic and outlook on life inspired me. I competed for the first time last year and Amy made my whole journey seamless. As I had been working with her before I decided to compete, it meant that she knew my body well and the way it responded to certain foods and exercises which meant that my off season before prep was productive but also that my prep seemed effortless. Amy was always available with support, tough love or a shoudler to cry on when I needed it. She also came to my show with me which I think is really important as that is when you need the support of a coach the most! I am now competing again this year and have recently started prep. I'm so grateful for that first day she came into my life.

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